Webinar: Raising Up and Reaching Out

Webinar:  Raising Up and Reaching Out

On Tuesday, August 27, 2019 at 1:00pm (Eastern), I will be partnering with Servant Keeper to host a webinar titled: “Raising Up and Reaching Out - Developing leaders and connecting with your community through generous hospitality”

The webinar is free, and if you’re interested in participating, just click the link below to sign up. We had 850 leaders registered for today’s webinar on “Discipleship”, which was pretty close to the limit on how many people we could host, so please don’t wait to sign up if this training would be helpful to you.

6 ways to be productive, and get more done, like Charles Spurgeon

6 ways to be productive, and get more done, like Charles Spurgeon

The other day, I was watching a biography of Charles Spurgeon. Spurgeon was a well-known pastor during the late 1800's. He pastored a church that grew very large under his leadership while writing approximately 150 books, publishing a magazine, founding an orphanage, establishing a pastors' college, and starting many other ministries (a large percentage of which are still operating).

It's fascinating to consider how much good he was able to accomplish during the course of his life. It can certainly be said that Spurgeon was spiritually gifted and blessed, but there are some additional traits that he exhibited that I think are also worth noting, particularly if we also want to become more productive and get more accomplished during the limited time we have.